Playstation 5: why it might be delayed

Playstation 5 will be delayed

The PS4’s September 2016 4.00 firmware update may have delayed Sony:s work on the PS5, its next big release. The Playstation 5 is not expected before 2019 and may launch in 2020 as well. It is designed to go past Microsoft’s upcoming ‘Scorpio’ console and reclaim its position as the most powerful console available in today’s global markets. However, we also appreciate the fact that the PS5 remains a work in progress and the diversion for the PS4 may not augur well for the upcoming console.

The features of the firmware update included:

  1. A Redesigned User Interface
  2. New ‘Quick’ Menu
  3. Share Menu Updates
  4. Folders and Organization Features
  5. Trophy Changes, and
  6. User Profile Changes

As is clear, the updates are many and multi-faceted. The new updates will ensure a better performing PS4 and PS4 Pro but may end up delaying the PS5. The gaming industry is a melting pot now.

The two leading and biggest competitors, Microsoft and Sony, are looking at the future differently and in some instances, uncannily similarly. Microsoft is pushing ahead with Project Scorpio. They claim it is the console of the future and have also said it will be the most powerful console when launched. We all know that Sony is still on the game as far as the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, earlier called by its codename Neo. Microsoft announced two consoles at E3 2016, held in July. It has recently stated that Project Scorpio will introduce a future where different console models and generations are removed and the entire thing comes together as one.This is the idea of the ‘Xbox Family’ and all the current Xbox models including the to-be-launched Scorpio are included. The new game will support

This is the idea of the ‘Xbox Family’ and all the current Xbox models including the to-be-launched Scorpio are included. The new game will support backward compatibility as well. The ‘Play Anywhere’ program is new in suggesting inter-operability. This feature alone will allow gamers to purchase a game once and play it on on both platforms; the Xbox and PC. This will make the two devices one. This is why Sony will look to sell 50 million consoles this year.

The market leader, Sony, is not seen to lead the way here. We all expect the new console will be on the agenda on everyone’s minds. Sony is looking to do it nice and steady. PlayStation boss Andrew House had earlier stated that the PS4 Pro was inspired by the smartphone industry currently in existence. House believes that the product development cycle at the current 6-7 years is set to run for some time now. has hence invested so much time and resources in developing the firmware updates. We admit that Sony does come across as more attentive to the gamer’s mindset.

Microsoft’s approach is the non-existent belief of generational cycles and focuses on compatibility. In this aspect, it seems to be waiting for the Scorpio to reverse its fortunes. Sony is seemingly satisfied with filling the gap between the two console generations with the PS4 Pro. Microsoft must price the Scorpio very imaginatively and smartly if it wants to stay relevant. Sony PS5 will be a game changer when it releases. We will ensure that you do not miss any details as and when they appear.